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This pencil popper was an unusual project. In mid-2012 we ventured off the NC coast to test our first proto on amberjacks when they are stacked up around the inshore wrecks. The results blew us away. The seas were 3-4 foot which is not conducive to working any popper effectively, the proto however performed incredibly well. It cast well into the wind, in the rough seas it tracked perfectly without tumbling, requiring very little effort. At the end of the retrieve the bubble trail of its track was clearly visible illustrating how well it worked. On the 8th fish this lure hooked that morning the line broke and the proto was lost. We went straight into production, with the name being obvious.

In our experience when popping for AJ’s we found they will often follow the popper in groups and occasionally will strike resulting in a solid hookup. The AJ Killer however due to its smaller diameter sees more strikes with a higher successful hookup rate. It is also an effective lure fished on lighter tackle due to its size and appeals to all manner of pelagic’s.

Length: 22cm Recommended Treble Hook: Owner 3/0 barbless


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